through a note , an image , a tone of voice, a raise of hand , a heavy sigh. A story is told.


This exchange has fascinated me since i was able to speak. I was fortunate to get a job in story telling at a young age. Acting : To examine, to question, to learn to love and understand the unfathomable things deep inside of us all.

What fascinated me most at that age was how moments were captured. The magic and science of placing a camera slightly to left and a light directly behind to create a mood. Alter it slightly, the mood changes. And so does the story.

When i turned 18 i went to study photography at a community college in South Lake Tahoe. I wanted to strip the moving image down. I wanted to isolate it. I wanted to learn to tell a story with only a single image. I became completely obsessed. Built a darkroom in my closet and never came out. 

This obsession turned back to movement and i started creating videos. Creating different moods. Experimenting with storytelling. reclaiming my roots of character  and choices.

The moving image wasn’t enough to convey. I realized that the most important element was missing. I had been ignoring it all along.  SOUND.

In a fever i started creating soundscapes and collecting sounds and pretty soon the sounds became more important then the video. Until all i was doing was experimenting with sound in garage band. And my voice. I started singing all the time. I had to come up with a name for it because it was awkward for people who didn’t know me.  They didn’t understand why i was incessantly singing , what seemed to be completely made up songs. I called it singing turrets. To make people feel ok about it.

But i couldn’t stop. I would freestyle sing about every little thing and any big everything. I started recording and making songs. i would collaborate with anyone who wanted to create, my little sister, a neighbor, a real musician. I played every instrument i could get my hands on. None of them well. All of them with passion. I made two whole albums full of music in less then 8 months. 

As a singer , you get to take on any character you want, an old man, a fallen leaf, a baby dino. its the most beautiful thing in the world.

As a musician you create the entire story, inside and out. You set the mood, the energy, the life. And though you do this thru instruments, its all channeled through you. 

This is why i will always make music. Why i started this record label. So i don’t have to do anything but make the music i want to create.

so yeah... enjoy!!


Jena Malone